Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the last installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "A MINION OF DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY"! Here's your trivia fix:

  • Aaaaand it's the return of Dean, my most favorite character this side of Zombie Chick! Knowing this was the last story in my graphic novel (NOTE: last in the graphic novel, not the last in this web comic), I just had to slip my headless history cleaner in here somehow. He works quite well as an emissary of Death, kinda like The Silver Surfer was for Galactus, until shiny boy got too big for his britches and decided to be all heroic and told his boss to take his job and shove it. And that, my readers, is a good lesson on getting off topic.
  • If readers ever got it into their heads that Zombie Chick was ineffectual as a sidekick to Dead Duck, then this page should change their minds for good. Whereas Minions aren't allowed to kill, zombies, as a species, are hardwired for it, and it's perfectly acceptable in the eyes of Death (J.P. Yorick), especially if he puts the hit out like he did here (quite a twist, eh?). It's almost poetic that all the stories prior to this one show Zombie Chick as this benign creature, more dumb than dangerous, allowing readers to lose sight of the fact that she is, deep down, a flesh eating zombie. And though she's more prone to go nuts on a pizza or plate of nachos, she still has the potential to eat people's brains. That said, don't count on seeing Zombie Chick displaying too many other classic zombie traits in the future. It's good for a one-off gag, but in the end, she's her own creature, and we love her for that.
  • Around the time I was compiling notes for my story "The Dogma of Dead Duck", the tale was originally going to be about a serial killer who hurts Dead Duck, resulting in Zombie Chick losing her cool and eating the guy's brains, which is fully endorsed by J.P. Yorick in the end. While that story ended up going in a whole other direction (and a much more fitting one for that tale, in my opinion), I held onto that dramatic Zombie Chick brain-eating ending and wove it into what became this story, which is as perfect a finale as I could hope for.
  • While many of my stories are initially written without a clear ending in mind, the one element that survived from my earliest notes was that Zombie chick would somehow save the day and be crowned the Queen of The Miss Death Day's Pageant. My goofy little half chicken more than earned it in this and so many great moments in the stories that came before it.
  • Okay, so this wraps up the last story that was featured in my original "Dead Duck" graphic novel. That means, the next three stories that I will be posting in this web comic will be brand new, never-before-published or seen "Dead Duck" adventures. So anyone who has been avoiding my "Dead Duck" web comic up 'til now because they already owned the graphic novel, and convinced themselves that there was nothing new to take away from re-reading it online despite the lengthy trivia I've included in each posting (yeah, you know who you are) will now have NO EXCUSE for not reading these next three stories. I stress again, these are brand new adventures that I wrote and drew within the past couple years, never before seen by ANYONE. If you like "Dead Duck" and have been chomping at the bit for some new material to read, then now's your time to take it all in. These three stories will run for the following ten weeks. After that, "Dead Duck" will be going into indefinite hiatus, as my time will be fully devoted to my new comic book, "Bodie Troll". I will no doubt return to "Dead Duck" one day, as I love my characters and their crazy adventures. But for now, the next ten weeks will be the last of "Dead Duck" that you're going to see for awhile. So I encourage you to follow along, and bring others along who might not be familiar with my work to join in the fun. Appreciate what you got while you got it, that's my motto. May the next ten weeks give you lots to appreciate. It certainly did that for me.

See you on the next page!