Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the next installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "A MINION OF DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY"! Here's your trivia fix:

  • I know that I tend to portray Dead Duck as some kind of much sought after cuddle conquest, but c'mon, look at him! He's aesthetically pleasing for a dead fella. I like to think I counteract his potential as a Lothario by making him shy and awkward around the ladies, which I believe makes him a more likeable character.
  • I'll talk more about this mysterious head-sniffing  character in pages to come. But for now, I'll divulge that this gag came from an episode of my old college comic strip, "The Epic Of Cholly". In that episode, I had Cholly and her editor, the bratty, hair-obsessed Gossamer, talking about how Gossamer started washing her hair with beer. A frat boy hears this, buries his face in Gossmer's hair and takes a huge sniff, and immediately gets drunk. I gave that gag a pretty unique twist for this story, and as the dialogue in the seventh panel suggests, it has some weird and fun results.
  • I had as much fun concocting goofball names for Chigger Creek's businesses as I did its residents. The All Tucked Inn was modeled after my childhood memories of a motel my family stayed in one Summer up Indian River, Michigan.
  • I sought to avoid terms like "Good lord" or "Oh my god" in the course of Dead Duck, not out of some sense of religious reverence, but because Christianity was far from being the only religion at work in Dead Duck, and most "god" terms fall under that heading. I could just as easily have had Dead Duck say "by Odin's beard" or "By the brow sweat of Jimmy Superfly Snuka" (now I really want to use that one). It was just so much funnier to use old fashioned terms of exclamation like "Gadzooks" and "Good gravy", which are far more common in the pages of Dead Duck.

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