Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the next installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "A MINION OF DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY"! Here's your trivia fix:

  • This was the page that made me decide that repeating elements from panel to panel might not be such a bad thing. I'd originally drawn the top two panels separately, while trying to make them look the same. The differences proved to be too dissimilar, not to mention that the perspective I drew the book shelves in was atrocious. So, I drew one brand new background, inserted it in the first panel, then copied it and put it in the second. It was a lot of effort, especially erasing the backgrounds to fit in among the foreground elements, but it was so worth it to make everything look better.
  • The snail and the seal on the back book shelf of the top two panels are puppets, which you commonly find displayed in children's sections of public libraries. I happen to own these puppets, which I've named Zip (left) and Chum (right), and decided to include them as elements in this page's illustration.
  • That's me as a little boy sitting on Zombie Chick's lap. Hey, you create the character, you get first crack and sitting in their lap at story time, that's my rule.
  • In the fourth panel, I'd originally written the Chigger Creek Public Library lettering by hand. I quickly felt that it needed to look more pristine and aligned, like any sign would, so I erased my lettering and replaced it with a font.
  • Dead Duck's expression of affection towards Chigger Creek reflects my feelings for Canada, specifically Toronto. Of course, I hadn't yet visited Toronto when I wrote this story, but I knew in my heart that it would be everything I dreamed it would be. When I finally got to visit the city with my wife in 2010, I found it was even better than I imagined.
  • Though it wasn't written to be the last "Dead Duck" story I'd ever tell, there was a sense of finality to this story (ignoring the obvious fact that this was the last story in the book). I think having Dead Duck discuss the possibilities of his life after RIP Inc. may have played a part in this story's vibe. The one idea I wanted to make crystal clear was that, no matter where Dead Duck winds up, Zombie Chick will always be at his side.

See you on the next page!