Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the first installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "MADE TO BE BROKEN." Here's your trivia fix:

  • This may be the only story in "Dead Duck" that was a direct sequel to another story.
  • I love the dialogue in this story. I feel like I was channeling the countless interrogation scenes I'd watched in so many mystery and action films.
  • When I did "The Dogma of Dead Duck", it was the first time I attempted heavy shadows in the coloring of my stories, since I thought it would add to the creepiness. Since this story has its own kind of tension, I kept that shadowing to maintain a noir-ish feel to the art.
  • As I've stated in previous trivia, my dad and I didn't have the closest relationship when I was growing up, and the weirdness between Dead Duck and J.P. is reflective of that. Though my dad was nowhere as tough and aggressive as J.P., Dead Duck's quips are very similar to those I used against my dad back in the day.
  • Don't scramble your brains trying to figure out who Duane is. I've never drawn him. I just needed a random minion to be mentioned, and Duane sounded like a funny name for such a character. When naming minions, I try to go with the most common, mundane names possible, since it runs counter to their weird appearances and makes for good comedy, I think.
  • And so it all comes together. The idea that J.P. would have a file on every death that ever happened, or WOULD happen, seemed like a good device for this story. No, it's not completely sound, and there are plot holes if you choose to look for them. But honestly, it's a book about a talking duck. If it's logic you're looking for, you wouldn't be reading this comic.

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