Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the latest "Dead Duck" episode, "ONE TOY SOLDIER RIDES AWAY"! Here's your trivia fix for this installment:

  • This was the first time I really eluded to Zombie Chick being remarkably strong. I'm not sure where the idea came from. Whereas zombies are typically noted for their resilience and drive, strength is rarely a trait they possesses. I'd always intended her to be her Ducky's protector, so it works in those instances. But as you'll find, she doesn't always use it when it could be most useful.
  • The scene with Zombie Chick going ape-shit over the possibility of nachos was undoubtedly inspired by the great Popeye cartoons, both is his consumption of spinach to assist him in combat, and in Wimpy's pursuit of hamburgers.
  • Much as I love how the set up of the first four panels plays out, I kinda wish I would have illustrated Zombie Chick kicking ass. Far too often in scenes like this, I'll cut away to an array of sound effects, then show the aftermath. It's a common device in humor comics, but it's more acceptable to show the action in adventure comics. I've been trying to rectify the two mediums in my more recent comics. But in this case, I think I saw that the page count had already reached 18 (with one more to go), and figured the story had run on long enough.
  • I'm extremely proud of the pastiche of onomatopoeia that I employed in the bottom panel. While not all the words are original sound effects of my devising, the method I drew each one is all me, just reveling in the joy of illustration.

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