Welcome back to the second installment of “DEAD DUCK RISING”! Here’s your trivia fix for this episode:

  • The title “DEAD DUCK RISING” is in reference to the movie “HANNIBAL RISING” (2007), which was a prequel to "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" (1991) and told the origin of the serial killer Hannibal Lecter.
  • Thus far, this is the only story I've done that's shown any frontal nudity (Zombie Chick's nipples may be well defined silhouettes, but they're always covered up). You will, however, see plenty of bare butts in upcoming "Dead Duck" stories.
  • The "wench" is a loving tribute to the work of cartoonist Vaughn Bode (1941-1975), whose art has always been a huge influence to me. His work was risque, and he popularized the "Bode Babe", which was a voluptuous maiden such as I drew here.
  • Looking at this page now, I'm half inclined to do a prequel story involving J.P.'s adventures with the Wench. She was a lot of fun to draw and write, and as you'll read in the next episode, is really good at riling him up.
  • You'll notice yet another reference to Janis Joplin (the first seen on the previous page), one of my favorite musicians. I love referencing art that influences me, which should be more than obvious by now.
  • I was particularly happy with how this splash page turned out. I genuinely enjoy landscape paintings, but have never felt I was particularly good at them. So when I'm able to pull off a scene like this, I feel like I'm growing as an artist. Plus, there's the added satisfaction of knowing I drew this entirely from my imagination rather than just drawing what's in front of me, which most landscape artists rely upon.
  • This story laid the groundwork for how I imagined the afterlife--when you die, your personal beliefs dictate where you go. But because I ran this story out of sequence, it may seem like I'm just repeating myself, as these afterlife factoids have been mentioned on at least one other occasion already.

Catch you on the next page!