Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the next installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "DAYS END"! Here's your trivia fix:

  • I've always loved the "gaping mouth" motif seen in so much creepy architecture in movies and cartoons. One of my favorites was the archway to the Monmarte district in Paris from Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge" (2001). I've used this motif repeatedly throughout "Dead Duck".
  • Though I named Zombie Chick's residence "Romero Acres" after "Night of The Living Dead" director George Romero, my favorite zombie movie wasn't actually directed by Romero (much as a love his creative output). "Return of The Living Dead" (1984) was written and directed by Dan O'Bannon and produced by Romero's production partner John Russo, who held the rights to the "Living Dead" name and made the movie a non-official sequel (Romero got to keep making his own films with the title while maintain the first film's continuity). It's funnier and scarier than any of Romero's movies, and had the first running zombies seen on film. That baby's my favorite.
  • The cemetery scene was inspired by a comic I drew as a teenager called Cici the Babealonian Vampire (yes, BABEalonian), a rip-off of Vampirella that was so lame that it gives me chills of embarrassment just writing about it now. I drew the character moon bathing (sigh) in a cemetery while the undead popped out of their graves to leer at her. This is what happens when you give a horny teenager with artistic impulses a pen. There should have been a PSA about that in the 80's.
  • Something I really wanted to illustrate in this story was the class warfare between zombies and Minions. Minions are high on the Rigormortitropolis food chain and live independently throughout the city. Zombies are subservient to them, treated like second-class citizens and are all relegated to live in the same run down cemetery (though as you'll see, Zombie chick has much nicer accommodations within these narrow restrictions, no doubt with the help of Dead Duck). If I go further with "Dead Duck", I'd like to explore a possible Zombie uprising, though instead of craving flesh and brains, they want equal treatment as Minions.
  • For the longest time, I'd had an origin in mind for Zombie Chick, and even gave her a name: Annie Peck. I'd planned on revealing this information in a future volume of "Dead Duck", but I eventually came up with a "Dead Duck" story that presented a far better origin for Zombie Chick, so I scrapped my previous idea, including her name, which you'll be able to read here later in 2013. But at the time I drew this story, Annie Peck was still her name, and it was roughly inscribed on her tomb, leaving out just enough detail in the letters so you couldn't fully read it. I've since erased it completely from that panel.

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