Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the next installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "DAYS END"! Here's your trivia fix:

  • While I have absolutely zero dancing ability, I've always been fascinated by those who can do it, and even those whose inhibitions are low enough to allow them to have fun while doing it badly. In all my comics work, I always try and have a character who dances, because it's so fun to draw and invent these movies and positions. As seen here, Zombie Chick's moves are among the wildest I've ever drawn, and certainly the most fun.
  • The musical notes, all drawn by hand, are excerpts from "Helter Skelter", written and sung by Paul McCartney. I was trying to think of a song that would be ideal for Zombie Chick to go nuts to, and this one was always one of my favorites for that exact purpose.
  • The silhouette to the far left in the third panel is Chizzle, a Minion I first created for my unpublished "Dead Duck" comic strip from the mid 90's.
  • Drawing Dead Duck using his bill for anything but talking is always a design challenge, but for shots like the one of him with beer foam on his face, it's always good for a visual gag.
  • The corpse with a saw sticking out of her head was a design I first came up with during my days as a parks and recreation employee, where I designed creepy decorations for our annual Haunted Train Ride.

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