Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the next installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "AIN'T NO CURE FOR A SUMMERTIME BRUISE!" Here's your trivia fix:

  • Regretfully, this is the last time you'll see Tibor in this story. It's a bummer, since I really like the character and wish I could have used him more. He figured much more prominently in the original draft of this story, which would have begun in modern day, then turning into a flashback, and ending back in modern day with the adult Dead Duck facing off against the adult Dracula, and Tibor busting in to save him. Oh, and Tibor was going to be a werewolf. Almost makes me wish I'd stuck with the first draft. Oh well.
  • Tibor's line about getting freaky with a werewolf gal hints at the werewolf background that I originally intended to give him. If I ever use the character again, count on him wolfing out at some point in the story.
  • I like the transition from a genuine heart to heart between Tibor and Dead Duck, to a juvenile gag about hemorrhoids. It might be abrupt, but it helps the reader understand that, while real emotion is a component of "Dead Duck", comedy always comes first.
  • 24-7 is a parody I concocted of the convenience store franchise, 7-11. I have many memories of buying bags of ice from those big coolers outside 7-11's, though never for hemorrhoid relief.
  • The poster behind Tibor's head is for a fictional band I made up years ago called "Buffalo Squeezins". Making up fake bands is something I do all the time just for fun. In fact, just this morning I came up with a band called "Squirt Gun Shennanigans". I'm weird, I know.
  • Splud Light (or occassionally, Splud Lite) is a brand of beer I made up years ago for one of my comics, and it's shown up in almost all my comic work ever since. It's an obvious parody of Bud Light. Before I concocted the beer, Splud was a sound effect I came up with to convey a character taking a huge, wet dump. As I type this, I can only hope you weren't eating breakfast while reading this trivia bit.
  • The letter that Dead Duck is writing to J.P. acknowledges all those underdog stories you saw in kids movies of the last forty years, particularly in the movie "Meatballs" (which, as I mentioned, was a HUGE influence on this story).
  • I particularly love that Dead Duck calls J.P. a dink (you'll see JP's reaction to the insult at the end of this story). Dink is an old family term I grew up with, often referring to someone who wasn't quite a jerk, but was on the path to jerkdom. But it was also used to convey when something really sucked, i.e. "That's really dink", or just a basic utterance of "DIIIIIIIINK!" when something really sucked. I come from weird stock.
  • The mechanical pencil Dead Duck is writing his note with was modeled off the exact pencil I drew the majority of the "Dead Duck" graphic novel with. I have a habit of stealing pens and pencils from restaurants, libraries, bars, anywhere a writing utensil may have been carelessly left unattended. This particular pencil came from the green room of The CMU Theater department, where I spent the majority of my time in college. I liked it so much that I wound up drawing the majority of my comics with it from 2003-2008.
  • I know there are far better comic writers than me, but I feel I have a pretty good knack with writing dialogue. I'm particularly proud of Dracula's little monologue here--clever and cruel at the same time.

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