Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the final installment of this "Dead Duck" episode, "ONE TOY SOLDIER RIDES AWAY"! Here's your trivia fix for this installment:

  • "It ain't lasagna, but it'll do" is another tip of the pen to Jim Davis' immortal Garfield, who served as the personality model for Mr. Biff.
  • Zombie Chick has simple (and often times weird) needs, and that's just one of many things that I love about her.
  • I adore this little exchange between Dead Duck and Smokin' Hot Bird Lady. It helps to bring Dead Duck's fandom of these characters full circle, and it's always treat to draw dead Duck with a cute girl. I love his "aw, shucks" expression here, and based it on my own experiences of meeting female celebrities I've had crushes on (Femi Taylor who played Oola in "Return of the Jedi", at The Motor City Comic Con, 1999. I was such a fanboy).
  • For the record, the villains here are just beat up real bad, not dead. Though Bone-Or's detached jaw bone probably doesn't help to clear the matter up.
  • As I was writing the ending to this story, I began to see possibilities for future "Dead Duck" episodes with these characters. I left it open as to whether or not Zombie Chick accepted Man Without Pants' offer for her to become the patron (or is it matron?) hero of Dysenteria. I will say that you can count on seeing more of my undead duo with The Badasses of The Big Blue yonder in the future.

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