Hey, all you necrofowliacs! Welcome to the latest "Dead Duck" episode, "ONE TOY SOLDIER RIDES AWAY"! Here's your trivia fix for this installment:

  • Why Bone-Or's bony skull head would have stubble on it is beyond me, but it's a funny little visual. And I like how, despite Big Man on Campus being his enemy, he still had the decency to remove his hat out of respect.
  • Exonerated isn't a word I use often (if ever), but it somehow popped in my head while writing this scene. You'll find that most of my characters have a wide vocabulary, though it's typically mixed with words like "ain't", "I dunno", "gimme", or more often than not, "fart".
  • "Say wha...?" was always one of my favorite expressions of disbelief. These days, I tend to use "Shut up da noise", a term I borrowed from my wife from her high school theater days.
  • I can't remember where I saw it, but I know a lot of cartoon villains claimed to have gotten their villainy degrees from some institution of higher learning (if you ask the GOP, any college or university is associated with villainy). I always thought that angle was a hoot, so I employed it here.
  • As originally printed, Bone-Or's diploma simple said, "Wicked U" and "Magna Cum Naughty", written in the same lettering as I used throughout "Dead Duck". For this re-posting, I decided I wanted the diploma to look more official and believable to better heighten the gag. So I digitally typed out the wording, and added Bone-Or's real name--TREVOR WARREN BONE-OR. Certainly chosen for how funny it sounds, but also because I grew up with a kid named Trevor Warren Schultz, who was the biggest collector of He-Man toys that I knew. He had all three versions of He-mMan, fer Pete's sake--original He-Man, Battle Armor, and Thunder Punch He-Man! That alone was cause for a tribute.
  • I struggled with a through-line for this story, something to keep Dead Duck and Zombie Chick busy while all the exposition played out. Zombie Chick's desire for nachos started out as a one-off gag, then grew into a good running gag, until it evolved into the best way to wrap up this whole story that I ever could have created.
  • I'm kinda proud of the perspective in this last panel. Whenever I use perspective, I almost always eyeball it rather than using an actual point or origin, and in this case, it worked in my favor.

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